Giving Tuesday

2021 Giving Tuesday
Created by: NBCC Foundation
Days to Close:6

$ 2,620.00
Goal$ 8,000.00

Make counseling your cause this GivingTuesday, Nov. 30! Support the NBCC Foundation with a donation that will help bridge the gap in mental health services for underserved and never-served communities around the country.

Thanks to the generous contributions of corporate donors and NBCC, when you donate to the NBCC Foundation, 100% of your gift goes to fund our scholarships for master's-level counseling students committed to bridging the gap in areas most in need, including those serving rural, military, and other underserved communities.   

Read about some of our most recent scholarship recipients.

Since 2005, the NBCC Foundation has worked to bridge the gap in mental health resources in a variety of areas. Over the last 15 years, one of the most integral parts of the Foundation's mission to leverage the power of counseling by strategically focusing resources for positive change is the Foundation's Scholarship Program. Over the years, the Foundation has awarded $875,000 in scholarships to counseling students committed to working with military, rural, and other underserved or never-served populations around the world and over $360,000 in capacity-building initiatives impacting military, rural, and international communities.

The work of the Foundation is made possible through the support of invested and dedicated individuals who want to see services expanded and see gaps bridged for those most in need.

Contributions given on GivingTuesday, Nov. 30, 2021, will specifically help fund additional scholarships for master's-level counseling students committed to bridging the gap in areas most in need. To support and empower more counseling students and professionals, donate to the NBCC Foundation Scholarship Program. Thank you!


Dari, Tahani$ 260.0012/05/20213 dAnonymous$ 26.0012/02/20216 dMandrillo, LeeAnn$ 104.0012/02/20216 dYannone, Nikki$ 52.0012/02/20216 dDiaz, Linda$ 260.0012/02/20216 dTrousdell, Sandy$ 20.8012/01/20217 dGrubb, Wendy$ 52.0012/01/20218 dVerier, Andrea$ 10.4012/01/20218 dWehrman, Joe$ 104.0011/30/20218 dJackson, Mika$ 26.0011/30/20218 dJohnson, Myia$ 15.6011/30/20218 dSommers, Rachel$ 52.0011/30/20218 dHansen, Sally$ 104.0011/30/20218 dSchweiger-Moore, Wendi$ 52.0011/30/20218 dLaSure-Bryant, Danielle$ 52.0011/30/20218 dAnonymous$ 26.0011/30/20218 dDotson-Blake, Kylie$ 520.0011/30/20218 dAnonymous$ 52.0011/30/20218 dGOMEZ, ISABEL$ 260.0011/30/20218 dMarcincavage, David$ 104.0011/30/20218 dAnonymous$ 41.6011/30/20218 dAnonymous$ 260.0011/30/20218 dChappell, Carolyn$ 52.0011/30/20218 dKhan, Amber$ 104.0011/29/20219 dKozlowski, Donna$ 104.0011/29/20219 dBuza, mary$ 10.4011/16/202122 d
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