Support the "A Dream Decided" Scholarship Giving Circle to Benefit Undocumented Counselors-in-Training
Created by: Dipre, Kirsis

$ 9,005.00
Goal$ 8,000.00


Seventy years ago, famed poet Langston Hughes wrote the poem "Harlem." The first line of the poem asked, "What happens to a dream deferred?" For too many years, undocumented individuals in our country have had to defer their dreams, and this scholarship hopes to change that.


The A Dream Decided (ADD) Scholarship was created to support the dreams of undocumented graduate-level counselors-in-training. The ADD Scholarship hopes to encourage undocumented counselors-in-training to pursue their decided dream of becoming a counselor by offering some financial assistance during their educational journey. There are over 400,000 undocumented students in higher education who are pursuing their dreams despite the obstacles that come from their documentation status, including a lack of access to federal aid. We want to help support these students by easing the financial burden that comes with graduate school.


The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) and the NBCC Foundation have supported many individuals in achieving their personal, academic, and career goals. These organizations believe in supporting underserved populations, and they have supported our efforts in doing the same. For this reason, we have decided to begin a giving circle dedicated to undocumented graduate students in counselor education programs.

Please consider a donation to support a scholarship for an undocumented or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) graduate student in a counselor education program. Every dollar donated to the ADD Scholarship Giving Circle will go directly to fund this scholarship. The goal is to raise $8,000 to provide one fully funded scholarship through the NBCC Foundation. Learn more about how the ADD Giving Circle began in a recent Foundation Connections spotlight


Thank you for your support, 


Kirsis Dipre (2020 NBCC Minority Fellowship Program Recipient)

Diana Gallardo (2021 NBCC Minority Fellowship Program Recipient)

Pamela Fullerton (2021 NBCC Minority Fellowship Program Recipient)

Brako-Owusu, Phebe$ 263.1204/26/202450 dAnonymous$ 187.3903/28/202479 dBaptiste, Donna$ 260.0003/25/202482 dAnonymous$ 4,611.0010/06/2023253 dReyes, Ana$ 156.0008/01/2023319 dAllen, Ruth$ 10.4006/15/2023365 dLobato , Edwin $ 20.8006/15/2023365 dLewis, Jessica$ 37.4406/15/2023365 dLiao, Kim$ 10.4006/15/2023365 dMartinez, Gladys$ 52.0006/15/2023365 dKhan, Amber$ 104.0006/05/2023376 dCastaeda, Carlos$ 52.0006/03/2023377 dMoffatt, Dave$ 10.4004/27/2023415 dIbanez, Alejandra$ 52.0004/16/2023426 dAnonymous$ 52.0011/29/2022563 dSoleil , Vanessa $ 52.0011/29/2022563 dAnonymous$ 25.0011/29/2022564 dCollado, Erika$ 25.0006/11/2022734 dHurless, Nikki$ 26.0006/09/2022737 dFointno, Kayla$ 100.0006/09/2022737 dHolzworth, Jennette$ 52.0006/09/2022737 dBoden, Mariana$ 104.0006/07/2022738 dFulton-DeLong, Brook$ 52.0006/05/2022741 dPreston, Judith$ 104.0006/05/2022741 dMcGriff, Kashunda$ 250.0006/05/2022741 dBridging the Gap , NBCC Symposium$ 26.0006/05/2022741 dAnonymous$ 520.0006/05/2022741 dArthur, Melissa$ 104.0003/08/2022829 dClemons, Tanzy$ 104.0003/01/2022836 dBailey, Carrie$ 104.0002/28/2022838 dGomez, Isabel$ 520.0002/15/2022851 dDotson-Blake, Kylie$ 520.0002/10/2022856 dSeward, Derek$ 156.0002/03/2022863 dY, Shana$ 26.0002/03/2022863 dMcGough, Amanda$ 52.0001/25/2022871 dPulgar, Camila$ 104.0001/25/2022871 dFranceschi, Yolanda$ 52.0001/25/2022872 dSheehan, Liz and Matt$ 52.0012/22/2021906 dPaul, Zori $ 104.0012/21/2021906 dAnonymous$ 52.0012/21/2021906 d

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